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@Ms. Elin Liso 

@Ms. Elin Liso 

@Ms. Elin Liso 


Elin Lisogurski, renowned by her stage name Ms. Elin Liso, is a prominent DJ and producer hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, representing the fifth generation of a distinguished musical legacy. Her journey into the electronic music scene ignited in 2018 with a remarkable debut at the Block Club, quickly propelling her to the forefront of Israel's premier nightclubs.

In December 2022, Elin's talent expanded globally as she embarked on an international tour across South America, gracing esteemed venues such as the illustrious Lost Beach Club in Ecuador, ranked 25th in DJ Mag. The tour continued through Tulum, Mexico, and Colombia, leaving a trail of electrifying performances in her wake.

The following year marked Ms. Elin Liso's inaugural European tour, captivating audiences in cultural hubs like Paris and Amsterdam. Notably, she made a memorable appearance at the We Rave You x Pioneer event, where she not only delivered an exclusive DJ set but also engaged in an insightful interview, showcasing her passion for the craft.

Elin's musical palette is a fusion of Classic House, Jazz, Minimal House, Tech House, and UK Garage, creating a unique sonic identity that sets her apart. She has shared the stage with acclaimed artists such as Fisher, James Hype, Waff, Doc Martin, Lauren La Sung, Rendher, Marcellus, Demi Riquisimo, and more.

Her artistic prowess extends beyond the stage, with Ms. Elin Liso signing with distinguished record labels such as Reecrods, Hustler Trax, Array, Candy Flip, and Jamaha. This recognition solidifies her status as a rising star in the global electronic music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

In her own words, Ms. Elin Liso expresses, "My music gives me room for self-expression, helps me to identify who I am on stage and in my private studio when I produce music." Elin Lisogurski, or Ms. Elin Liso, continues to shape the landscape of electronic music with her passion, unique sound, and unwavering dedication to the art form.

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Ms. Elin Liso

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2021. 11. 15

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