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Unnamed Music Management is a management company that nurtures established and emerging artists into successful, creative and healthy careers on an international platform.


We are a family. We are all equal and want to help each other succeed. Our goal is to create a community in which both artists and managers can work closely together. However, the primary focus of the manager is to nurture their artist. The literal definition of ‘nurture’ is to care for and protect while they are growing, which is exactly what we aim to do for our artists. As managers we work for the artists, the artist doesn't work for us.

Mental Health

Unnamed Music Management doesn’t only provide artist development and strategic planning, but also prioritises the mental health of their artists. We listen to our artists' wishes and needs, taking it into account in everything we do for our artists. One of our goals is to work closely with mental health awareness companies and charities. In the near future, we strive to work with in-house counsel that will focus on mental health and organize seminars available to artists globally, to shed more light on the subject.



We aspire to work with companies that are challenging the status quo of the music industry and create new opportunities for our artists.

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