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Our story

Unnamed Music Management began its journey in 2024, fueled by a shared passion for nurturing musical talent and reshaping the landscape of artist management. Founded with a vision to provide a dynamic and forward-thinking approach, our story is woven with the threads of creativity, innovation, and a commitment to artists' holistic well-being. From our early days, we've embraced the philosophy of a close-knit family, where every member—artist and manager alike—is equal, working collaboratively towards shared success. As we navigate the ever-evolving music industry, our mission is to not only guide artists towards global recognition but also to prioritize their mental health. Join us on this exciting chapter of Unnamed Music Management, where individuality is celebrated, creativity flourishes, and the pursuit of musical excellence knows no bounds.

Our Team

Meet the passionate and dedicated individuals behind Unnamed Music Management, a team committed to elevating artists' careers, fostering creativity, and prioritizing the well-being of every artist we have the privilege to work with.


Joey Leizerowitz

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Head of Artist Management


Bryana Shields

Chief Marketing Officer


Craig Caplan

Chief Operating Officer


Timur Armasov

Head of Partnerships and Investments

Nick 3.png

Nick Maslechko

Chief Financial Officer

Our values


At Unnamed Music Management, we believe in cultivating a family-like atmosphere where everyone is equal, and our shared goal is to help each other succeed. We strive to create a close-knit community where artists and managers collaborate closely. The primary focus of our managers is to nurture their artists, embodying the literal definition of 'nurture'—to care for and protect as they grow. We work for the artists, recognizing that the artist doesn't work for us.

Mental Health

Our commitment goes beyond artist development and strategic planning. Unnamed Music Management places a high priority on the mental health of our artists. We actively listen to our artists' wishes and needs, incorporating them into every aspect of our work.


Unnamed Music Management aspires to collaborate with artists and companies that challenge the status quo of the music industry, creating new and innovative opportunities for our artists. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring unconventional avenues that contribute to the growth and success of our artists on a global scale.

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